Pizzeria with 

Sardinian specialities in Tortolì

savour typical dishes of Sardinian wine and food tradition

Sa Buttega, the eminent pizzeria with Sardinian specialities, is ready to receive its customers with a great selection of pizzas naturally risen and cooked through wood oven. 

The restaurant, a long-time landmark for people who loves good food, has been building its own success on the careful selection of raw materials which satisfy everyone’s tastes with a menu full of surprises. In effect, we do not only propose typical Sardinian dishes but also do we offer some original culinary experiments which are able to surprise also the most demanding tastes. This is the result of a perfect combination between the passion for cuisine and the creativity that the owners have been found during the years.

Lots of tasty recipes and savour pizzas

We offer to our customers both traditional pizzas, with different types of ingredients, both some vegan pizzas, all available to take away.
Moreover, we propose also some Sardinian dishes of our food and wine tradition. Below, there are some examples such us

  • Ogliastrina culargiones (home-made filled pasta)
  • Sardinian fregola (typical type of pasta)
  • Malloreddus (Sardinian gnocchi)
  • Mix of Sardinian cured meats
  • Mix of Sardinian cheeses
  • Spit-roasted pork

and there are lots of other typical dishes. Every dishes of meat are carefully prepared and based on the selection of high-quality raw materials.
There are also some traditional seafood dishes such as

  • Octopus salad
  •  Seafood pasta 
  •  Shellfish risotto
  •  Variety of fried fish
  •  Squids
  •  Grilled gilthead bream

Everything could be combined with the right wine, you can choose from our wide selection of local and national ones.
What are you waiting for? In order to discover our tasty dishes and fragrant pizzas you have only to reserve a place in Sa Buttega, calling the number +39 0782624230 or filling the form in our web site page.

Flavour, traditional taste, true love for Sardinian cuisine, kindness and care and the well-being to eat are waiting for you to come.