Restaurant & pizzeria in  Tortolì

excellent pizza and Sardinian local dishes 

Our restaurant & pizzeria, called Sa Buttega, is the ideal place where to savour fragrant pizzas and tasty dishes, not only hailing from the Sardinian tradition, in a welcoming and friendly location. Our family-run restaurant has more than 10 years of experience in the food service and it is placed in the centre of Tortolì, a sough-after vacation destination for summer holidays.

And is there a better way to finish a sunny and beach day of holiday, but for tasting a good pizza in our restaurant? Our restaurant & pizzeria in Tortolì offer a well-stocked menu of pizzas for all tastes and demands. Moreover, we also propose Sardinian local dishes, seafood menu and also meat menu to our customers.

The owners of restaurant, Antonio and Stefania, are glad to kindly receive you in their location and offer you the best of their cooking. The menu is constantly up-to-date and it also proposes a broad selection of local and national wines. Our dishes are always made of fresh and high-quality raw materials, aimed to satisfy all tastes and tickle you to come back to savour new recipes.

Who we are

a family-run restaurant with long-time experience in food service sector

Antonio and Stefania, the owner of Sa Buttega restaurant & pizzeria in Tortolì, would be very glad to kindly receive you in their location and to propose pizzas and dishes not only hailing from Sardinian tradition but also from Italian tradition. The restaurant is located in the main street of Tortolì and it is the landmark, since it was opened 10 years ago, also for all Tortolì citizens both for the lunch break and for a dinner. 

In these 10 years, this family-run restaurant has been able to satisfy all types of tastes with a constantly up-to-date menu composed by dishes made of fresh and high-quality raw materials and a wide selection of local and national wines. Antonio and Stefania have always been careful about all minimum details of their restaurant, aimed to host their customers in a loving and familiar location.

Who We Are

Menu & specialities

a well-stocked menu
of pizzas and tasty dishes of Sardinian tradition.

Sa Buttega restaurant & pizzeria, always proposes a menu made of fresh dishes, high – quality raw materials and a wide selection of local and national wines which could be combined with every single course. A well-stocked menu of pizzas will be able to satisfy every type of taste and necessity, while a great selection of meat menu or seafood menu would be the right choice for people who doesn’t want to eat pizza. Moreover, we offer the possibility to taste lots of Sardinian local dishes such as Ogliastrina’s calurgiones (home - made filled pasta) and other ones. 

For further information about our restaurant, our menu and selection of wines, the reservation of a place and the organization of special events, you can fill the form available in our page of contacts in our web site.

Menu & Specialities